Everbright Polycarbonate Roof and Wall Systems

Everbright E610 - A versatile, large spanning, 74mm thick, triple skin translucent polycarbonate roof and wall system.

The main advantages Everbright E610
  • Free span 4.38mtr Flat/ 12mtr Curved (unsupported).
  • Trafficable
  • Great thermal performance and sound reduction
  • Makrolon polycarbonate worldwide warranty
  • Extrusion up to 12.0M as one length and in 600mm configurations
  • Installation / construction time is much quicker
  • Panel strength far superior (74mm thick)
  • Triple skinned
  • Eco friendly polycarbonate
  • Silicone free system (Dry joints)
  • Fitting instructions are tailored to every project
  • Self cleaning dome shape profile
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Less material required/no waist on site

Our system allows architects and designers the freedom to create a new dimension concept, which can be fully integrated within their project specifications for both commercial and residential applications.

This new unique 74mm polycarbonate roofing system which is now available for the first time in Australia and New Zealand and is destined to set the standard for the future.

Everbright E610 is a complete system, with panels simply slotting together, dramatically cutting down construction time.

The Everbright E610 is a light weight, triple skinned extrusion designed for use as a roofing and wall medium. Everbright can free span up to 12mtrs for curved applications and 4.38mtrs in the flat plane with no structure required and provides a soft naturally diffused light thus avoiding the problem of excessive glare which commonly occurs with other forms of glazing. The panels have a high light transmission, UV protection, excellent thermal qualities and a sound reduction value of 24db.

With over 30 years experience in the construction industry and 10 year worldwide manufactures guarantee Everbright E610 is a proven product readily available with numerous application possibilities.

Manufactured in 74mm thick, 100mm wide tubes; assembled in factory in an average of 600mm wide configurations for quick easy assembly on site.

Colours and finishes
Standard colours are clear,opal and blue. Any colour is available when area exceeds 1,000sqm Everbright E610 cross section

Mono Pitched Roofs
Barrel Vaults
North Lights
Vertical Cladding
Pool Covers
Green Houses