Project Architect:
Matthews & HSH Architects
Great Southern Grammar School Albany Western Australia

Vertical Wall Art & Design Centre Great Southern Grammar School Albany Western Australia

4mtr span no mid rail

This recently completed project will help you understand the benefits of our 74mm polycarbonate system. Everbright E610 Opal was used at the Great Southern Grammar School Arts & Design Centre, Albany, WA.

For this new development E610 was used vertically. E610 free spanned 4mtr incorporating Locking System LS2.3 and no mid rail support was required with our system. Locking system LS 2.3 simply means there are 3 aluminium locking bars required out of every 6 chambers. See design loads, which shows you in more detail the different locking systems available.

These panels were extruded, and supplied in one complete 4mtr length and in 600mm wide configurations.

Our panels simply clip together making the installation process very rapid, as our product only requires to be joined every 600mm on site.
Delivered to site were 58 panels, and the total area was approximately 135 square meters.

Installation time for this project was 2 days, and there were two tradesmen available on site.

The design brief was for a product that could minimize secondary structural requirements, give a modern look and have a long life span. Our 74mm polycarbonate system gives a unique visual appearance and a uniformed look making use of all the natural light available. Our polycarbonate system give a seamless and continuous line, with no steel frame work spoiling the visual effect. E610ís integral locking bars hide the aspect of where a panel starts and where it finishes, so it becomes a continuous system giving a uniformed and conformed design feature. Creating an architectural flare, that isn't possible with any other polycarbonate system available on the market.

Our system was an excellent solution for this development, due to E610ís free span capabilities, durability, and panel strength.
Making our 74mm system one of the strongest translucent materials available in the world today.
Opal was the colour selected due to a 65 percent light transmission for visible light and a thermal performance of 1.85W/m'K. Makrolon 1243 is the material used in our polycarbonate roofing system, which is part of the worldwide Bayer Group.

Everbright E610 comes with a manufactures worldwide 10 year warranty and the panels have a life expectancy in excess of 35 years.

We can advise that there was a cost saving on the structure requirements with our system on this project. Since less structure is required, less shadows are created, and as such the natural light translucency is at its full potential. Since less structure was required it maximized all the natural light elements, which was of paramount importance on this development.

E610 polycarbonate panels incorporate an excellent safety factor. All loading criteria are based on 0.75 kN/sqm and a 50% safety factor as part of a standard specification detailing.

As you can see from the images contained in this section, E610 is a very light weight product, that can be easily handled on site during the installation process. The construction process with E610 is very simple and is less time consuming to install on site.

Project Architects: Matthews & HSH Architects

Everbright E610 major advantages at a glance:

  • Rapid installation
  • Superior free span (see design loads)
  • Can be extruded to a maximum 20.5mtr
  • Minimal additional structure required with our system
  • Strongest translucent material in the world (74mm profile)
  • 100% fully trafficable
  • Passed the AS1562.3-2006 sand bag test
  • Impact resistance
  • Intruder resistance
  • Cyclone rated
  • Superior thermal/ acoustic performance
  • Long life span
  • Coextruded UV protection layer
  • Australian manufactured
  • Unique jointing arrangement
  • Self cleaning dome shape
  • Light weight product

This project is located at Great Southern Grammar School Albany, Western Australia
The project can be viewed should site visits be required and adequate notice is given.

The Installation Visually

  •  EL16 40x40x4mm ali angle

    EL16 40x40x4mm ali…

  • Fixing EL107 ali head profile

    Fixing EL107 ali head…

  •  Fixing EL107 for side

    Fixing EL107 for side

  •  Fixing EL16 for cill

    Fixing EL16 for cill

  •  Mitred corner

    Mitred corner

  •  2 panels locked in place

    2 panels locked in…

  •  5 panels locked in place

    5 panels locked in…

  •  7 panels locked in place

    7 panels locked in…

  •  Light weight product

    Light weight product

  •  Easy handling

    Easy handling

  •  Simple construction

    Simple construction

  •  Securing cill

    Securing cill

  •  2 hours into install

    2 hours into install

  •  Opal panels

    Opal panels

  •  Minimal structure

    Minimal structure

  •  Install completed

    Install completed

  •  Finished wall external

    Finished wall…

  •  Neat uniformed look

    Neat uniformed look

  •  Finished wall internal

    Finished wall…

  •  Very adaptable

    Very adaptable

  • 65% light transmission

    65% light transmission

  •  Finished development rear

    Finished development…