Project Architect:
Bell Gabbert & Associates
Project Engineers:
Lot 9115 Forrest Parade, Palmerston, Darwin, NT Northern Territory

Translucent Breezeway Link Forrest Parade Palmerston Northern Territory

Unique Appearance

This recently completed project will help you understand the benefits of our 74mm polycarbonate system and showcases itís suitability for top end commercial developments. Everbright E610 Clear was used recently at Lot 9115 Forrest Parade, Palmerston, Darwin, NT. This development was in a severe cyclonic region D, and consisted of the following areas;

1 x Large translucent breezeway link @ 10mtr panel length x 3mtr, with locking system LS2.1. See design loads, which shows you in more detail the different locking systems available. Our panels simply clip together making the installation process very rapid, as our product only requires to be joined every 600mm on site.
The total project area was 30 square meters and the Everbright spans were 1mtr.

The design brief for this development was for a unique looking translucent system, that would provide a fresh modern appearance maximizing all the natural light available. The client requirements were for a product that was self cleaning, impact and cyclone resistance. Additionally the selected material was required to have a long life span, superior thermal and acoustic performance characteristics

Another major consideration was for a system that could provide as much natural light as possible for these areas and be ascetically pleasing, without requiring safety mesh, as with other twin wall products on the market. Everbright E610's increased free span capabilities, made our polycarbonate system an excellent choice for this development giving the desired results, as the Everbright system is one of the strongest translucent materials available in the world today. The Everbright E610 system gives a unique visual appearance and minimizes structural requirements making use of all the natural light available. Since less structure is required with our system less shadows are created, and as such the natural light translucency is at its full potential. Our premiere product enhanced this development with its clean modern look, which now provides a comfortable environment for all the residents.

The Everbright E610 product has passed the AS4040.3 cyclone test performed at the James Cook University in Townsville QLD, endorsing the Everbright E610 superior panel strength. Our product passed this wind load test AS4040.3, 2385mm double span, test pressure 3.33kPa, design pressure 3.00kPa and 1855mm double span, test pressure 5.56kPa, design pressure 5.00kPa. Additional AS4040.3 cyclic strength test, where the Everbright product passed at a target design pressure of 7.96kpa, with a ultimate load of 11.49kpa. Concentrated load test AS4040.1, 4380mm single span.

Our polycarbonate system give a seamless and continuous line, with no steel frame work spoiling the visual effect. E610's integral locking bars hide the aspect of where a panel starts and where it finishes, so it becomes a continuous system giving a uniformed and conformed design feature. Creating an architectural flare, that isn't possible with any other polycarbonate system available on the market.

Project Architect: Bell Gabbert & Associates
Project Engineers: Cardno

Everbright E610 major advantages at a glance:

  • Rapid installation
  • Superior free span (see design loads)
  • Can be extruded to a maximum 20.5mtr
  • Minimal additional structure required with our system
  • Strongest translucent material in the world (74mm profile)
  • 100% fully trafficable
  • Passed the AS1562.3-2006 sand bag test
  • Impact resistance
  • Intruder resistance
  • Cyclone rated
  • Superior thermal/ acoustic performance
  • Long life span
  • Coextruded UV protection layer
  • Australian manufactured
  • Unique jointing arrangement
  • Self cleaning dome shape
  • Light weight product

This project is located at Lot 9115 Forrest Parade, Palmerston, Darwin, NT, Northern Territory
The project can be viewed should site visits be required and adequate notice is given.

The Installation Visually

  • Development view

    Development view

  • Development front

    Development front

  • Everbright breezeway

    Everbright breezeway

  • Modern uniformed look

    Modern uniformed look

  • 73% light transmissions

    73% light…

  • No Safety mesh

    No Safety mesh

  • Cyclone rated

    Cyclone rated

  • Good thermal qualities

    Good thermal qualities

  • Superior acoustics

    Superior acoustics

  • Clear finish

    Clear finish

  • Unique appearance

    Unique appearance

  • Simple construction

    Simple construction

  • Quality product

    Quality product

  • Long life span

    Long life span