Commercial Gable Roof The Vines Resort, Perth Western Australia

The images contained within this section, take you through the installation process with our 74mm polycarbonate system. You will be able to see, how quick the installation process is, and how construction time is dramatically reduced. Installation time on this project was 4 hours from start to finish on each apartment.

Everbright E610 Clear was used as a gable roof in two holiday apartments using Locking System 2.1(see design loads).
The design brief was to create natural light into two dark stairways.

The client required a glazing solution that offered a comfortable natural lighting solution, great thermal properties, and a UV safe environment.
Construction time in this project was also of the essence, due to an extremely tight building schedule. E610 was specified for this project for many reasons, however the main factor was that Everbright E610 is fully trafficable. This makes a huge difference to construction time, it also helps in the general maintenance and cleaning of the roof. Our polycarbonate system is manufactured with a UV film that's integrated within the panels, which is uniquely designed to block out more than 99.9% of the harmful rays.

E610 was flat in this particular project and free spanned to 2.6mtr, without requiring any intermediate supports.
Each area measured 2.6mtr x 3.5mtr Wide.
Panels are pre assembled in 600mm configurations and in one complete length, therefore Installation on site is much quicker on site.
In the Images you will also see two large box gutters, which formed part of the roof. The verges were cloaked with a flashing, and the ridge flashing gives the professional finish the roof required.

Everbright E610 major advantages at a glance:

  • Rapid installation
  • Superior free span (see design loads)
  • Can be extruded to a maximum 20.5mtr
  • Minimal additional structure required with our system
  • Strongest translucent material in the world (74mm profile)
  • 100% fully trafficable
  • Passed the AS1562.3-2006 sand bag test
  • Impact resistance
  • Intruder resistance
  • Cyclone rated
  • Superior thermal/ acoustic performance
  • Long life span
  • Coextruded UV protection layer
  • Australian manufactured
  • Unique jointing arrangement
  • Self cleaning dome shape
  • Light weight product

This project is located at , Western Australia
The project can be viewed should site visits be required and adequate notice is given.

The Installation Visually

  • Installation of first panel

    Installation of first…

  • Joining & locking panels together

    Joining & locking…

  • Securing E610 to timber

    Securing E610 to…

  • Foam laid for added panel protection

    Foam laid for added…

  • Rapid simple construction

    Rapid simple…

  • Five panels of E610 assembled

    Five panels of E610…

  • Light weight panels

    Light weight panels

  • Inserting polycarbonate locking bars


  • Fixing final Panel

    Fixing final Panel

  • Trafficable


  • Foam laid for locking plate

    Foam laid for locking…

  • Securing aluminium locking plate EL28

    Securing aluminium…

  • First panel installed

    First panel installed

  • Lifting panel into place

    Lifting panel into…

  • Inserting polycarbonate locking bar


  • Installing last panel

    Installing last panel

  • Sealing locking bar chamber

    Sealing locking bar…

  • Preparing for aluminium locking plate

    Preparing for…

  • Fixing aluminium locking plate EL28

    Fixing aluminium…

  • Panel installation completed

    Panel installation…

  • Finished image left

    Finished image left

  • Finished ridge flashing

    Finished ridge…

  • Finished image left

    Finished image left